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Your global import and export partner.

CSI Food Group can easily manage every link in your international supply chain.
We focus primarily on food exports from Mexico to the United States, Latin America and Asia.

CSI Food Group is considered the “importer of record” for the producer customers it serves. This means that CSI Food Group ensures that the producers in Mexico with which it associates comply at all times with the required customs rules and regulations.


Frozen Mexican Large Shrimp

We have different measures and types of packaging that are adapted to the easy handling of the product for export.

Este es el encabezado

Frozen Illex argentinus is divided to several kinds of sizes to sell in market. Squid products, besides 400-600g, we also supply from under 100g to 300-400g Frozen illex argentinus, for human consumption or Under 100g and 100-150g sea frozen Illex Argentinus, also called dirty squid, are used as squid bait for sea fishing.


Salmon fillets and cube seafood

We supply both fresh and frozen salmon with various sizes and cuts available. Chilean farmed salmon are known for their delicious taste and versatile cooking methods.

High Quality Frozen Pork Meat Available

Pork carcasses without head, viscera or legs, cut up, packed in high vacuum, frozen, in containers of 27 tons each. Pieces according to the image.

Other Products

  • SALAR SALMON, TROUT AND COHO, in all its forms, sizes and COLOR PALETTE
  • Salmon Australis
  • Hake, conger, octopus, seabass,
  • Atlantic horse mackerel
  • Basa Fillet
  • Thyrsites atun (Chilean)
  • Bramma Australis
  • Mytilus Chilensis
  • Litopenaeus vannamei MEXICAN SHRIMP
  • Red Snapper (Lutjanus Campechanus)
  • Micropogonias megalops